Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Study Abroad Announces New China Program for Spring Semester

Starting this Spring semester, Lewis students will have the opportunity to study abroad in Shanghai, China at Fudan University, one of the top universities in China.  Available to you through the Lasallian Study Abroad Consortium by Saint Mary’s University of California, the program has a unique academic structure with opportunities to take classes taught in English with local Chinese and other international students.  All students are required to take a core course “Chinese Modern History” and Chinese language courses at the appropriate level.  In addition to these courses, students will select from a wide range of courses delivered in English from across the university and can even undertake a part-time internship arranged by the program.  While there, students will live with Chinese students in off-campus apartments for a more integrated experience. 

Basic eligibility requirements include a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and sophomore, junior, or first-semester senior status at the time of participation. Financial aid may be applied in most cases, and previous language study is not required. For application materials, a current listing of opportunities, and more details about the programs, check the SA website at www.lewisu.edu/studyabroad or contact the Study Abroad office located in LARC (815-836-5993, swansoch@lewisu.edu).


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